Shiva Nata

Anytime I try to describe that practice, words fail me. Since one of its most important principle is to do it badly, my inability to describe it is kind of in keeping with the theme. Still, it would be great if I could give you a general idea of what it’s all about!

Wait, what?

Why is it the point to do it wrong, you wonder?

Ah, that’s a good question!

The thing is that Shiva Nata (also known as Dance of Shiva) is a brain training technique, one that uses your body to perform mathematical patterns (yeah, I know! and yes, it’s every bit as weird as it sounds). Through performing those patterns, you are constructing new neural pathways in your brain – how cool is that?! – and the more you mess it up, the harder your brain works to connect the dots.

And when your brain works on resolving the pattern you messed up – bing! You are hit with insights, realizations, epiphanies, all kinds of new understandings.

You know how it’s always when you’ve stopped thinking about a problem that a fresh solution bubbles up? And how you’ve dreamt of having those solutions on demand, when you need them? (Not just in the shower, where it’s pretty hard to capture them!) Well, that’s one of the exciting things you can get through your Shiva Nata practice.

* * * * *

This page and site are still works in progress. I’ll tell you more soon. Until then, if your curiosity has been piqued and you want to give it a try, head over here to find out about the classes I’ll teach and a terrific kit to get you started at home.